Where kids discover the magic of chess together.

Weekly, cohort-based classes with professional coaches challenging kids to become the best chess players (and learners) they can be. Fun, educational, hands-on.

Beginner to expert, ages 5 to 14.
Tuition is $120 USD/month.
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chess4u offers kids a world-class chess education.

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Weekly Classes in Your Cohort

At the heart of our program stands the weekly training session. Every week, you’ll meet with your cohort and master strategical, tactical, and technical concepts depending on your playing level. Of course, there is plenty of room for hands-on exercises and games. From beginner to expert.

Make New Friends

You’ll make new friends all over the world who love chess, strategy, and problem solving as much as you do. Especially in your weekly cohort but also within the chess4u network via community events, tournaments, masterclasses or our shared Discord server.

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Join Our Community Events

Every week, there are plenty of extra events happening like tournaments, simuls with our chess coaches, open play sessions, or puzzle races. You have the chance to bring your skills to action and meet the other kids and coaches.

Visualizing No Speedlimit

No Speed Limit

Don’t worry that our program can’t keep up with your learning curve. We always pay attention to homogeneous cohorts so that you always get the proper challenge. There is no speed limit and there is also no problem if the progress takes more time.

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Masterclasses with Grandmasters

Besides the weekly cohort, you are invited to attend masterclasses with our grandmasters. These classes are more lecture-like where you learn extensively about a specific topic. Often, there are quizzes and exercises included and you can ask questions. (Starting July 2022.)

Visualize Improvement

Level Up Your Game

Week after week, you’ll improve your game effectively in a community with other kids that love chess, learning, and want to improve in a fun environment. You’ll get inspired by chess professionals while deepening your understanding of the game and the mental models that come with it.

Our Coaching Team


I train with chess4u in addition to my club training. Especially the game analysis helped me a lot where we discussed different strategic and tactical motives that I didn't know before. Christian is super kind and answers all my questions. I highly recommend the training with chess4u!
Benedikt (11)
Advanced cohort (1600-1800 ELO) with Christian
Playing chess is so much fun! I've been part of the school for a few months now and I've learned a lot. The best thing is that we get to play a lot, with the other kids or the teacher. The teachers are very friendly and explain well. When I have a question I can always ask and my group is super nice.
Luisa (7)
Beginners cohort (with Felix and Lukas)
We booked two chess4u cohorts for the advanced kids in our chess club and we are proud of their development. They achieved an average rating plus of 150 Lichess-Points within three months and we celebrated many victories in the following tournaments. We highly recommend chess4u.
Richard Holzberger
President of SF Munich


Tuition is $120 USD per month.

Yes, we have kids enrolled in multiple cohorts. Each one is $120 per month.

Yes, this is possible. Leave us a note in the registration form for the first lesson.

Yes, if there is a natural curiosity for chess. We advice to join a trial lesson and see how it goes. We have coaches who are experienced with younger children, smaller cohorts, and a most interactive and playful style for ages 5-6.

Join a free trial lesson!